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Philosophy Adventure“In all my years of research, seldom have I picked up a book on philosophy and felt that I couldn’t put it down. That changed when I encountered Philosophy Adventure…. I highly recommend Philosophy Adventure to students and educators!”

Linda Lacour Hobar


—Linda Lacour Hobar
Author of The Mystery of History

Philosophy Adventure™—Pre-Socratics

WRITE skillfully, THINK critically, & SPEAK articulately

Philosophy Adventure“This captivating overview of pre-Socratic philosophers not only will help instill a love for knowledge and wisdom in your child’s heart and mind, but even more it will fuel the growing flames of faith and Christian worldview at a critical point in your child’s life.”

Clay Clarkson


—Clay Clarkson
Whole Heart Ministries
Author of Educating the WholeHearted Child

Philosophy Adventure“User friendly, solid biblically, academically sound, and culturally relevant, Stacy Farrell has done an excellent job putting together this comprehensive curriculum … to help our children discern and defend truth.”


Tracy Klicka


—Tracy Klicka
Dir. of Development, Home School Foundation
Speaker, writer, and blogger

MCPSDSWebSliderHave we forgotten whose we are?

(Let’s remember together!)

MCPSDSWebSlider“There has never been a mind quite like C. S. Lewis … Stacy Farrell has done a great service by providing insightful study questions for students and adults who want to work critically through this Christian masterpiece.”

Israel Wayne


—Israel Wayne
Author of Questions God Asks and
Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview
Editor for ChristianWorldview.net

Who says critical thinking has to be boring?

The Wise Woman“What a treasure to find literary analysis questions written from a Christian world view…. questions designed to make students think critically about the reading as well as their own spiritual walks.”


Dr. Kimberly J. Bernecker

—Dr. Kimberly J. Bernecker
Dean and Associate Professor of English, SAGU

Love Him with all your mind!

Philosophy Adventure“Philosophy Adventure is more than a course on thinkers, it’s a course in how to think for yourself and how to effectively share those thoughts with others. And it’s a course you and your students won’t be able to put down!”


Hal & Melanie Young

—Hal & Melanie Young
Authors of Raising Real Men
and My Beloved and My Friend

Philosophy Adventure“Philosophy Adventure is sure to engage the attention of every 21st century student, young and old. I encourage parents to check out this curriculum, not only for their children, but for themselves as well, that all families may cultivate a love of wisdom.”


Jay Ryan, author of Classical Astronomy

—Jay Ryan
Homeschool Dad
Author of Signs & Seasons and MoonFinder

Philosophy Adventure“How pleasant and sustaining a thought that as comprehensive and well-conceived a resource as Philosophy Adventure exists. Bravo, Mrs. Farrell, for blessing this generation with a superb pedagogical tool that demystifies a corpus of long neglected western philosophy.”


Dr. James Stobaugh

Dr. James Stobaugh
For Such A Time As This Ministries
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